Sick certificates

You only need a doctor’s note if you are unable to work and are ill for longer than seven calendar days. Your employer will provide you with an SC2 (or use the one linked below) self-certificate form for shorter periods of illness.

Employee’s statement of sickness to claim Statutory Sick Pay

If you are an employee and need to claim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from your employer use form SC2.

Doctor’s Sick Note for more than 7 days

If you have been ill for more than 7 days you will need a doctor’s certificate. These certificates are called ‘Fitness To Work’ Certificates.

We will let you know if you need to arrange for an appointment with a Doctor.

If you have already been seen by your Doctor about this illness, we will contact you to let you know when you can collect your Sick Note.

  • Please ensure this is day 8 of illness, having self-certified for 7 days.